You’ve probably heard a lot of things about what it’s like to buy a home for the first time. Some good, some bad, some exactly as you expected. Regardless of what you’ve heard from friends and family, it’s important to prepare for what’s to come. With a strong understanding of what’s involved in your first home purchase, things will run more smoothly. You’ll also be less likely to feel overwhelmed or discouraged throughout the homebuying process. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect:


  1. Preparing Your Finances
    • Build Up Your Savings
    • Improve Your Credit Score
    • Get Mortgage Pre-Approval
    • Begin the Home Search
  2. Evaluate Home Search Factors
    • Condition
    • Size & Type
    • Price
    • Location
  3. Offer and Closing
    • Determine the Right Bid
    • Get a Home Inspection
    • It’s Closing Time!
    • Handle the Logistics

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